Energy efficient lighting for commercial and industrial 

CLEDS(TM): The Next Generation of Lighting

Clean | Celadon — the true color of Green!™ Unlike other “green” lighting alternatives, Celadon LEDS (CLEDS™) contain NO highly-toxic Mercury and DO NOT require special disposal as hazardous waste to protect the environment.

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Light | Celadon Energy Systems® offers a comprehensive array of fixtures, brightness and spectral content to meet the optimal needs of commercial, residential, agricultural and government clients.

Efficiency | CLEDS™ are 98.9% efficient and produce little to no heat. CLEDS™ dramatically lower energy consumption and decrease maintenance. CLEDS™ require only a small fraction of the energy of either incandescents or fluorescents. 

Duration & Design | CLEDS™ have an expected half life of about 50,000-to-100,000 hrs — 5X-to-10X the life of fluorescents and 50X-to-100X the life of incandescents. Celadon Energy Systems has teamed up with designers and engineers: together we can tailor lighting systems to each client.

Systems & Service | We’re not just lighting — we’re customized Celadon Energy Systems®. Our comprehensive solutions can incorporate other energy-efficient solutions in order to maximize savings. We back our products with our commitment to quality and personalized service.



Celadon Energy Systems® — providing green energy solutions for improved lighting efficiency and lower energy costs.

24/7 lighting is all around us — grocery stores, office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals and manufacturing plants, to name a few.

Celadon LEDS (CLEDS™) provide a new, more cost-efficient option for commercial and industrial lighting systems.


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CLEDS are 98.9% efficient.

Along with high efficiency, CLEDS™ consume a fraction of the energy of incandescents and fluorescents. With so much of commercial and industrial lighting needed 24/7 — this efficiency can translate into material cost savings and emissions reduction.

CLEDS™ produce little to no heat.

CLEDS™ can help lower HVAC costs and improve efficiency and management of special operations requiring exact temperature control or refrigeration.

CLEDS™ can decrease maintenance costs.

The reasons are quite simple: incandescent or fluorescent lamps can consume a lot of electrical power, generate heat and frequently burn out (so maintenance costs are high). The three major cost components building professionals evaluate when determining operating costs for building lighting systems are energy use, fixtures and maintenance.

By having a complete analysis of real energy costs that includes maintenance, facility executives can select the most suitable and efficient system. Because CLEDS™ have an expected half life of 50,000-to-100,000 hours — 5-to-10 times that of fluorescents and 50-to-100 times the life of incandescents — maintenance and replacement costs can be significantly reduced.

Our designers and engineers tailor lighting systems to meet our clients' needs.

For building professionals looking to go green, CLEDS™ benefit not only existing applications but other areas that have been difficult or impossible to light because of the constraints of existing lighting technology. Many applications can benefit from LEDS when the implementation is appropriate and takes advantage of the unique characteristics and performance of LED technology.

Energy efficiency is one of the hottest trends in commercial real estate.

CLEDS™ provide real estate professionals a wide assortment of practical options for new and retrofit energy saving solutions. Ways that real estate is going green: installing solar, changing lighting systems, checking air quality and requiring new buildings to be LEED certified. The number of U.S. LEED-certified buildings today numbers around 6,000 and is forecast to exceed 100,000 by 2012.

A growing body of green-building technology and expertise is lowering the costs of building new and retrofitting existing buildings to lower energy consumption making it a sensible response to the effort of reducing emissions.

Unlike other “green” lighting alternatives, CLEDS™ contain no poison.

Workers and employers alike are interested in green buildings partly because they believe it is healthier to work in buildings with fresher air and fewer harsh chemicals and materials. Unlike fluorescents and CFLs, CLEDScontain NO highly-toxic mercury and do not require special disposal as hazardous waste to protect the environment. Fluorescents also emit UV which is known to damage paintings and textiles. They can also flicker, particularly towards the end of their lives, in a way that has been shown to affect the health and productivity of some workers.

CLEDS™ have none of these drawbacks and that’s why they are offered by Celadon — the true color of Green!





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