About Us 

Our Philosophy

Celadon Energy Systems’ philosophy of Green Solutions that Make Financial Sense™ puts the onus on distributing better products that reach more people and more markets, resulting in greater energy efficiency and sustainability and ultimately, lower energy costs and dependency.

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Evolution of a Green Energy Company


Financial SenseCeladon Energy Systems® evolved from an investment company founded in 2000, W Ventures, to the green energy systems distributor it is today. The company’s current mandate began taking shape mid-2005, after collaboration with many likeminded professionals working in the LED and green technologies. Realizing a superior product, a market primed for sustainable green technologies and an opportunity to bring together several highly accomplished designers and award-winning patent-holding engineers, the company was restructured in late 2006 and began operating as a separately branded entity, Celadon Energy Systems.


Our founders


Celadon Energy Systems’ founders, Chris White and Gina Rohrer White, combine many years of experience in venture capital and investment, business management, marketing and commercial real estate.


Gina, who serves as Celadon Energy Systems’ president, contributes over twenty years of experience in operations, marketing and sales, product development and new product launches in the commercial real estate arena. Twice she successfully introduced new products into established markets. Most recently, Gina helped grow her previous employer’s business from less than $50 million to $800 million in under three years. She is particularly adept at identifying underserved needs in existing markets and introducing superior products that gain ground quickly by surpassing existing product offerings.


Chris, who serves as Celadon Energy Systems’ managing director and logistician, has been an angel investor for the past eight years. He has an aptitude for cultivating relationships with and developing start-ups and small ventures into successful companies. Part of this success can be attributed to his experience in business and people management — experience he shares with the companies he funds, helping them grow and become more adept players in their respective markets.







































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