Energy Systems 

CLEDS(TM): The Next Generation of Lighting

Clean | Celadon — the true color of Green!™ Unlike other “green” lighting alternatives, Celadon LEDS (CLEDS™) contain NO highly-toxic Mercury and DO NOT require special disposal as hazardous waste to protect the environment.

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Light | Celadon Energy Systems® offers a comprehensive array of fixtures, brightness and spectral content to meet the optimal needs of commercial, residential, agricultural and government clients.

Efficiency | CLEDS™ are 98.9% efficient and produce little to no heat. CLEDS™ dramatically lower energy consumption and decrease maintenance. CLEDS™ require only a small fraction of the energy of either incandescents or fluorescents. 

Duration & Design | CLEDS™ have an expected half life of about 50,000-to-100,000 hrs — 5X-to-10X the life of fluorescents and 50X-to-100X the life of incandescents. Celadon Energy Systems has teamed up with designers and engineers: together we can tailor lighting systems to each client.

Systems & Service | We’re not just lighting — we’re customized Celadon Energy Systems®. Our comprehensive solutions can incorporate other energy-efficient solutions in order to maximize savings. We back our products with our commitment to quality and personalized service.



Agricultural Lighting Systems

Agricultural Grow LightsTemperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide, water and nutrients blend to create the ideal environment for plants to grow, produce and reproduce. To substitute natural light by creating light near the visible part of the spectrum while helping to lower the costs of harvest and ensuring ecologically aware crop farming is very difficult with traditional luminaries. Celadon LEDS (CLEDS™) Grow Lights are here to meet that challenge.


Commercial/Industrial Lighting Systems

Energy efficient shopping mall lighting systemsAccording to many scientists, buildings account for nearly a fifth of green house emissions, making them one of the single largest sources of global warming. It’s no surprise, therefore, that businesses are seeking ways to lower energy consumption of buildings: doing so is not only socially responsible, it saves money and many believe it makes for a healthier, more productive workforce. 




Residential Lighting Systems

Sophisticated lighting for residential buildingsExperience the soft, efficient and healthy lighting that Celadon LEDS (CLEDS™) can provide. Light an entire kitchen (including cabinets and countertops) using less energy than a single 50 watt incandescent bulb. Do so in a way that not only dramatically cuts costs but is beautifully consistent with overall healthy living.



Specialized Energy Systems

Specialized energy systemsCeladon Energy Systems® is committed to making our world a greener place. We have collaborated with award-winning designers that develop specialized solutions customized to match your specific energy system needs with the most cost-effective and energy-efficient systems available.






Celadon - The true color of Green!(tm)